Moore Jig Grinder "In the Field" CNC Integration and Upgrades

Moore Precision at a Price You Can Afford!

NASA Machine Tools has been rebuilding and converting Moore jig grinders into CNC, continuous path machines since 1985.

We will come out to your facility and convert your Jig grinder into a CNC machine in as little as 4-5 days.

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The following features and specifications are included:

CNC Jig Grinder Upgrade

CNC Moore Jig Grinder Upgrade

Bridge Type Grinder Upgrade

NASA's AGS-3F, IN-THE-FIELD, CNC continuous path Moore jig grinder integration can be installed on your shop floor, utilizing your manual Moore No. 3/G-18 jig grinder or outdated, Moore CP, in as little as 4-5 days.

Utilizing our five (5) axis CNC control system, ultra precision ball screws, precision roller bearing way system, .000010" control resolution, and unsurpassed quality and reliability, multiple holes, complete contours, complicated blends and tight tolerance jobs can be precision ground in one continuous path with accuracies to the millionths of an inch.

Our remanufacturing and CNC integration includes the following:

  • Five (5) axis CNC control system with 11" LCD, color screen, and graphics display
  • Three (3) axis (X, Y and C), CNC controlled, with an optional U axis outfeed
  • Closed loop, DC servo drive system with rotary encoders mounted directly on the ball screws to ensure high accuracy
  • Closed loop, servo drive motors with quick connectors
  • X axis travel of 17.5"
  • Y axis travel of 10.5"
  • Ultra precision ball screw X & Y axis
  • Automatic "C" axis NORMALCY
  • Precision roller bearing way system
  • Programmable main spindle speed of 0-300 RPM (PLANETARY)
  • Programmable chop grind ON/OFF with head up micro switch
  • Minimum programmable resolution of .000010"
  • X & Y axis contouring rate of 15 IPM
  • X & Y axis rapid traverse rate of 60 IPM
  • X & Y axis limit switches
  • X, Y & C axis home switches
  • Automatic lubrication system to roller ways and ball screws, with low oil sensors
  • Portable manual pulse generator (hand wheel)
  • Programmable U axis outfeed (OPTIONAL)
  • Guaranteed positioning accuracy of .000080"
  • Guaranteed contouring accuracy of .000200"
  • Complete installation with Quality Control and laser testing
  • One (1) year warranty

You will find our service to be the most economical as well as the most reliable so contact us when you are ready for your manual Moore No. 3/G-18 jig grinder or Moore CP jig grinder integration.